Animal Control

Drawing of a dog

Dog Licensing

Dog Licensing is available through City Hall:

38 West Center Street 
Gunnison, Utah 84634

$25.00 per license 
$10 per license if spayed/neutered

Dog licenses expire December 31st of each year. Dogs must wear license tag at all times both on and off the owner's property.

Animal Reclamation Fees


  Licensed Dogs  Unlicensed Dogs  Unfixed Dogs 
1st offense $25 +$20 +$25
2nd Offense $50 +$20 +$25
3rd Offense $75 +$20 +$25

On the 4th Offense the dog will be taken from the owner permanently.

Staff Contacts

Animal Control Officer

38 West Center St.
Gunnison, UT 84634
United States

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