Gunnison City Text Alert System

Dear Gunnison City Resident,


Gunnison City has introduced a new communication tool that will allow us to send you timely updates via email or text messages. We will utilize the email and phone numbers on your utility account to notify you of service disruptions, emergency alerts, or other important information related to your individual utility services.


Your Action Needed: Update Contact Preferences

To make the most of this service, we urge you to visit this form to update your contact preferences. This is where you can provide a textable phone number and specify how you prefer to receive our messages. Please note, if you respond 'stop' to our texts, we won't be able to message you in the future, even in emergencies. Setting your preferences on our website is the best way to stay informed according to your needs.


Avoiding Scams: How to Identify Official Messages from Gunnison City

In an era of frequent scams, it's essential to recognize legitimate messages from Gunnison City. Official communications will always come from the following phone numbers: 435-522-5525 (text) and 435-528-7969 (phone call). Links in texts or emails should always begin with or direct you to our city's web domain.


The Benefits Ahead

We are committed to keeping Gunnison City safe, informed, and connected. Your participation in updating your contact preferences is a step forward in this commitment. Thank you for your cooperation and for being an active member of the Gunnison community.


Warm regards,


Gunnison City